Water treatment for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical water is valuable!

Drinking water is of great importance in pharmaceutical production. It is an essential raw material for products and an important component for cleaning production facilities. Pharmaceutical production is therefore dependent on purified water. Purified water is one of the few raw materials that are produced directly on site. Customer requirements, safety standards and regulations specify the production processes for water qualities, such as the pharmacopoeia specifications for pharmaceutical water with the subdivision into purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI).

The quality requirements and specific design requirements for the water treatment system are accordingly high. Specifically, the highest demands are placed on the design, implementation and operation to ensure microbiological purity. The control of microbiological and chemical water quality during production, but also during storage and distribution, consequently plays a central role.


Water treatment

For membrane processes with thermal, chemical and/or individual sanitization concepts - we guarantee quality for our customers.
For more than 75 years, we have been supplying ready-to-use concepts that meet the highest international quality, documentation and validation criteria. Highest quality and maximum availability are and remain our top priority.

The design of the production systems is of great importance for further optimising the operation and efficiency as well as the production, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical waters. The more efficient a generator is, the greater the benefit for the operator.

We are also happy to meet your specific requirements - just ask us.

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Water treatment plants Made in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit UO-S7 18000 AS/FU/SO
Production of cooling water at a pharmaceutical company in Germany

Ultra-Filtration Unit UF 4D6/SO
Pre-treatment stage in a cosmetics industry in Germany

Reverse Osmosis Unit D 600 LN/PR/
EP 550 PH/MEG 900 inkl. IQ/OQ-Documentation
Product water for a pharmaceutical company in Germany

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