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Why do we need water treatment units in industry, life science and medicine? There is a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes that rely on clean water. Of course, this also applies to the sensitive areas of life science and medicine: here, specially treated water is required which has to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. Water in its natural state cannot be used in these sensitive areas and therefore requires purification in advance.

Which water treatment units are available?

The design of water treatment units depends on the application and requires the use of different technologies. Our systems are used in various sectors, which are split into industrial water treatment systems, in the medical sector and in the life science sector. Classic application examples are industrial process water treatment (e.g. in the automotive industry in the area of process baths in surface technology with fully demineralised water) or systems with membrane degassing for the production of boiler feed water.

How are Herco water treatment units constructed?

Our technology for water treatment is mainly based on physical processes and is designed for the respective application. Reverse osmosis plays a central role here. Our two-stage reverse osmosis systems with thermal disinfection and dead-zone-free ring line systems provide microbiologically impeccable water any time, for example in dialysis water treatment. At the same time, the two-stage UO series HP 5500D works chemical-free and thus protects the environment.


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Keeping an eye on efficiency, because water and energy are scarce resources.

Worldwide, water treatment is becoming more and more important. Companies are faced with the challenge of using water and energy resources in an economically and ecologically sustainable way. However, both of these factors are central components in many production and manufacturing processes. The operation of a water treatment unit with reverse osmosis naturally requires energy. Our customers can save costs at this point by using efficient systems, such as variable-speed drive pumps. In addition, our systems with consumption-based control are designed for the most water-saving operation possible. They deliver excellent water quality for life science applications, the food and beverage sector, laboratories and hospitals as well as the pharmaceutical industry.



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