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What is a frequency controller?

A frequency controller (FC) is a device or system used to control the frequency of an electrical signal or power supply. In simple words, frequency can be defined as the number of cycles per second, measured in hertz (Hz).  Basically, the FC can adjust the Alternating Current (AC) signals to control the output of a system, providing flexibility in various applications.


How does a variable frequency drive work?

A “Variable Frequency Drive (VDF)” or frequency controller is an electronic device that controls the speed of an AC electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the energy supplied to the motor. First, a VFD converts the incoming AC supply to a DC voltage and, in the next step, back to AC with variable frequency and voltage. This adjustment of frequency and voltage allows the VFD to control the speed of the motor.
The main objective of using a VFD is to improve energy efficiency by matching the motor speed to the load demand. VFDs are available in different sizes and types and can be tailored to specific industrial and commercial applications.


What does a frequency controller do in a reverse osmosis unit?

The frequency controller is used in a reverse osmosis (RO) unit to control the speed of the high-pressure pump that generates the pressure needed to force water through the membrane. It controls the frequency and voltage of the electric current that supplies the motor of the high-pressure pump. In this way, the operator can adjust the flow rate and pressure of the water supplied to the reverse osmosis system. The use of the frequency controller helps to improve energy efficiency in a RO unit and reduce wear and tear on the equipment by adjusting the speed of the pump to the required flow rate and pressure. This ensures lower maintenance costs and extends the life of the unit.


What Hero offers:

We are proud of our newly developed reverse osmosis (RO) unit with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology. The use of a frequency controller allows intelligent control of the flow rate, optimising the performance of the system while minimising energy consumption. Our newly designed reverse osmosis units are the perfect solution for industries and companies that want to increase their sustainability efforts and reduce operating costs. Our systems not only ensure energy efficiency, but also promise significant returns on investment for our customers.

To learn more about our newly designed reverse osmosis units with VFD and how they can benefit your business, please contact our sales and marketing department.

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