Waterguide - Flow measurement

What is flow measurement?

Flow measurement, or volumetric flow measurement, involves the measurement of the passage of a liquid, gas or steam through a pipe.

The measurement is based on calculating the physical measurand from fluid mechanics: volumetric flow. The volumetric flow indicates the quantity that passes a fixed section per unit of time (SI unit m3/s).

How to determine the volumetric flowes

In a technological context, the volumetric flow is relevant as the flow of a measurand through a pipe. To be able to ensure continuous product quality, it is important to have a constant flow.

There are several different methods and devices you can use to measure flow. These are subdivided into volumetric flow and mass flow. Mass flow can be used to calculate volumetric flow and vice versa.

Devices for flow measurement

Volumetric flow:

  • Magnetic-inductive flow (MIF)
  • Variable area flow meter
  • Ultrasonic flow meter (UFM)

Mass flow:

  • Coriolis mass flow meter (CMF)
  • Thermal mass flow meter
  • Vortex mass flow meter (VFM)

Application areas

Magnetic-inductive flow meter

All liquids > 5 μm: Water, waste water, slurry, acids, bases, etc.

Variable area flow meter

Liquids: Equipment engineering, laboratory applications, water treatment, chemical industry, etc.

Ultrasonic flow meter

Gases and liquids: Chemical industry, water industry, process technology (all-purpose sensor)

Coriolis mass flow meter (CMF)

Liquids: Cleaning agents, solvents, oils, foodstuffs, etc.

Thermal mass flow meter

Gases: Compressed air, carbon dioxide, argon, nitrogen, etc.

Vortex mass flow meter (VFM)

Liquids and gases or steam: Saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, nitrogen, liquid gases, etc.

Importance in technology

The volume of a liquid is particularly important in water technology. In order to provide suitable pipes, it is essential to know how high the flow will be. And to maintain consistent product quality, it is important to set the right flow.

It is also important to know how much to dose in a reactor. To prevent undesirable reactions from occurring, you need to know the flow.

Flow meters can also be used to measure the temperature of the substances flowing through the pipes.

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