Waterguide - Dialysis media supply - Connection system without dead zones

Dialysis media supply – connection system without dead zones

Conventional systems use tap lines to supply water to the dialysis machine. When the dialysis machine is not in use, the water in these dead-end connections remains stagnant at room temperature. The risk of germ multiplication increases with the time the system is not in use.

Extensive flushing is needed to remove this harmful deposits. The double connection system with thermal cleaning from Herco offers guaranteed safety through prevention. Even if the dialysis machine is not in operation or disconnected, the inlet hose remains connected to the system and water constantly passes through.

Whenever there is water in the system, germ multiplication and biofilm formation can occur. Tap lines serving as dialysis machine connections are particularly at risk. The consequence for patients can be acute or chronic reactions such as fever, chills, headaches and endotoxin-induced health damage.

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