Service - Regeneration and rental cartridges

of mixed-bed cartridges

You are welcome to send us your MB cartridge by post/forwarding agent or you can drop by in person. While you enjoy your coffee or sparkling water, we will open and empty your MB cartridge, clean it and check it for defects such as defective valves, O-rings or filter hoses. If necessary, we will replace these at no extra cost to you. We then fill your cartridge with a mixture of regenerated and new mixed-bed resin. After 20 – 30 minutes, your MB cartridge will be like new again and we will look forward to your next visit.

To reduce your waiting time during the regeneration of your mixed-bed cartridge, please make an appointment in advance.

mixed-bed cartridges

If the cartridge body is damaged or the MB cartridge no longer appears to be able to be regenerated for other reasons, we will find the right new MB cartridge in our stock for you. Alternatively, we are also happy to offer you the appropriate size of MB cartridge for rental.

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