News - Mechatronics technician:in training 2024

November 2023

Training with a future: we will be training mechatronics engineers for the first time in 2024

The apprenticeship is a diverse mix! The field of activity includes tasks and requirements from electrical engineering/electronics, mechanics and control and information technology.
Training takes place in the dual system. This means that the trainee alternates between the vocational school, Herco Wassertechnik GmbH and our co-operation partner.

Theory and practice complement each other perfectly. What is learnt at school can be deepened and directly applied in our company by working in day-to-day business and handling your own projects. If you perform well and are suitable, we aim to take you on as a permanent employee.


Start of training: September 2024
Duration of training: 3,5 Jahre
Training location: Freiberg am Neckar


Herco's system technology can be found in numerous industrial, medical and life science projects worldwide. As our development, production and warehousing facilities are located in Freiberg am Neckar, we can guarantee top quality at all times.

Herco operates in a future-proof market and therefore offers future-proof prospects. Of course, we also offer JobRad, a company pension scheme and health management.

Are you interested? Click here for the job description.


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