News - 75 years Made in Germany

May 2022


We, Herco Wassertechnik GmbH, are celebrating our 75th anniversary this year. Together with our local mayor Dirk Schaible, the Herco management team and the Herco management, we planted a tree.

A tree for the future of our blue planet.

This tree stands as a sign of our special commitment to sustainability. At our company, Herco Wassertechnik GmbH, the EMAS registration is underway this year. Once the registration is complete, we will become the first company of its kind in the world to follow the European guidelines on sustainability.

The roots of our planted tree symbolise our rootedness in Swabia: a clear commitment to the location!

From a technical point of view, we are also connected to the tree by the topic of osmosis. This natural process forms the basis of our plant technology.

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