News - Internal test comparison 2021

May 2022


Our own mixed-bed cartiridges are the best: this showed our internal test comarison in 2021


We assure up to 30 % more flow rate than conventional cartridges!

Our stainless steel DESTILLO pressure-resistant mixed-bed cartridges to produce small quantities deionized water (LF < 0.2 μS/cm) from drinking water, now in new look. In 2022, they have been technically redesigned and optimized and now assure up to 30 % more flow rate than conventional cartridges (with the same pressure drop). In addition, the analogue conductivity meter has been replaced by a digital one, the LWM D, which is equipped with a potential-free changeover contact.

Advantages of our MB cartridges:

  • No waste water
  • Easy installation
  • Quick cartridge change
  • Regeneration at Herco

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