News - Herco turns 75!

March 2022

In 2022, Herco looks back on 75 years of history! We are very happy about this company anniversary and will celebrate it this summer


We want to appreciate many years of trusting cooperation!

Herco was founded on 02.08.1947 by Willy Herrmann and Luise Augusta Herrmann- von Bary. Their inventive free spirit can still be felt in the company today. In every product that is produced here on site, one can still sense the precision and the passion for technology from back then. In 75 years, Herco has developed from a pioneering company to a medium-sized enterprise with a global network. We look back on this history with success and pride.

Our plant technology for water treatment in best and certified quality is internationally in daily use in different industries. Due to the good workmanship our products are very durable.

Today, as in the past, inventiveness and implementation are still closely intertwined at one location and work closely together.

A textbook example for the value of Made in Germany. That is water technology made by Herco!

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