Aktuelles - Herco supports charity with a water treatment unit

June 2021

Herco supports a charity with a plant to treat water to drinking water quality.


Herco Wassertechnik GmbH is proud to provide drinking water to 300 families in need in Peru. "Our task is to provide the most important raw material, pure water, each day. That's why I immediately said 'Yes, we're in!' when the charity organisation described the situation on site to me. After all, we are specialists in water treatment and our high-quality reverse osmosis plants are used all over the world. To see that our cutting-edge technology is helping to improve the lives of many families and save lives in this project motivates all of us at Herco and we are wholeheartedly behind it." Explains Managing Director Edwin Locker.


Helping an impoverished village with water shortages in Peru

The urban centres on the Peruvian coast attract many impoverished people from the Sierra (mountains) and the Selva (jungle) with the hope of a better life. But there is an enormous water shortage in the area. The northern coastal region of Peru is one of the driest places in the world. The association "Leben braucht Wasser e.V." has been working for 11 years to build wells to improve the living conditions of the people in Peru. Since 2016, the association has been working there with its partner organisation "Sede vidas Peru".


The groundwater is contaminated with arsenic and drinking is hazardous to health

Especially in the poor settlement "Buenos Aires" near the village of Lambayeque, the groundwater is so contaminated with salt and arsenic that it is not suitable for consumption. The construction of a tube well planned by the charity for June 2020 could therefore not be realised. Children, infants, the unborn and the elderly are particularly affected by the health consequences of drinking.



Herco's system removes hazardous substances such as arsenic from the water

Herco delivered a sand filter, a softening plant, and a reverse osmosis plant to treat the well water to drinking water quality by the end of July 2021 for a successful completion of the charity project. Hazardous substances such as arsenic are removed so that the water is suitable for drinking and washing. During the day, the plant is supplied with climate-neutral electricity by a photovoltaic system.


In addition, Herco helps local children with "Kids Water Survival Bags"

Herco Wassertechnik GmbH goes one step further in its aid and donates 1,500 "Kids Water Survival Bags" worth €10,000 in addition to the water treatment plant worth €60,000. Particularly children suffer from exposition to the contaminated drinking water. Therefore, it is a special concern of Herco to sustainably support the children on site regarding the topics "drinking and living", "washing and health" as well as "learning and playing". Each child receives a fabric backpack called "Kids Water Survival Bag" from Herco. This backpack contains a water bottle that can always be filled with water on site, a toothbrush, children's toothpaste, and something to write and draw with.


In the long run, clean water indirectly promotes local education

"We hope that this backpack will have a lasting effect so that children can go to school, for example, and have enough water to drink on their sometimes-long way there." confirms Edwin Locker, himself a father of two kids and managing director of Herco. In fact, in the settlement, contaminated water often must be acquired for a lot of money by waiting for a long time. With the provision of clean drinking water on site, this gruelling and time-consuming procurement is shortened. Local children have more time to go to school as a result. When compiling the contents of the cloth backpack, care was taken to use little plastic, as littering is another problem on site.



A trusted partnership with the charity and other sponsors: #HercoHelps

Herco is a German B2B company and well-known on the international water market. Herco was recommended to the charity "Leben braucht Wasser" by its B2B partner Enviolet (UV treatment). This is how the first contact with Mr. Heilig, the founder of the "Leben braucht Wasser" charity, came about. For Herco, partnership is the basis of everything the company does. Thus, confidence was placed in the joint project. It was also quickly clear that this partnership project should be implemented very soon. #HercoHelps was born. Under this hashtag, Herco will report on the status of the drinking water project in Peru on LinkedIn from August 2021 on. True to the motto: Do good and talk about it.


A Swabian pioneer in water technology breaks new ground: #HercoBluePlanet

Until now, Herco has been known more as an invisible, strong and trustworthy partner in the background. In the family and international circle of water technology, Herco is respected and appreciated. Through this charity campaign, Herco is making a clear statement and freeing itself from the humble, Swabian "don't stand out, just create - mentality" into a new digital age. Edwin Locker became the new managing director at the beginning of 2021 and has big plans for Herco: To shape the future of our blue planet. #HercoBluePlanet stands for a new vision. Nevertheless, the topic of "sustainability" will always remain as a quintessentially Swabian virtue.



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