News - Damage scenarios? No thanks

September 2023

Damage scenarios? No thanks.

The good news for all electrolysis manufacturers and their customers: In order to avoid as many of these scenarios as possible in real life, we at Herco are at your side. We take care of the water quality for a damage-free electrolysis process.

If you thought your drinking water was pure, we agree. In any case, it is perfectly suitable and absolutely safe for everyday use and also, for example, for family households. However, an electrolysis stack is much more demanding and by its standards our drinking water is really "dirty"!

Let's go to the chemistry room and take a look: Ultimately, we want to achieve the longest possible durability and the most efficient electrolysis process. THE CHALLENGE: Unlike H2O molecules, foreign ions are problematic per se because they can cause undesirable side reactions. The more H2O molecules per m³ and the fewer ions (like Fe3+ or Cu2+), organic compounds (like TOC, more on this in our soon to be published review), particles, suspended solids and the like (silicon compounds etc.), the better for the subsequent process.

At Herco, we have all this under control and it is extremely rewarding for us to know these laws of nature and to use them as perfectly as possible to achieve our goals! We are thus a reliable partner for the hydrogen industry due to our experience and thanks to our modular water treatment solutions.

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