News - Congratulations to our two Herco run teams

June 2022

Congratulations to our two Herco run teams! A lot of water brought our two 4-member teams to the finish line soaked at this year's LKZ company run.


3.3 km circuit in the rain around Monrepos Lake

Congratulations on the 93rd place to Walter Göhring, Marcel Theiss, Heiko Küstner and Michael Sverak!

Congratulations for the 242nd place to Andreas Pentke M. Eng., Christian Krumbholz, Birgit Fabritius and Axel Wiechmann!

Congratulations to our best single starter Walter Göhring from the Herco-Team on 59th place!

A total of 2,600 runners took part in the ninth edition of the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung company run on 22.6.2022. We obviously feel good around water and will be there again next year! Because water technology is our passion:

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