News - 75th anniversary family celebration

November 2022

Numerous impressions of our successful 75th anniversary family celebration on 1 October 2022 in pictures.


Some of our employees arrived with their families and made the acquaintance of former and new colleagues. There were warm reunions and new friendships.

We met on the Herco site on this eventful day to celebrate together. The main attraction of the family morning was a soapbox race, which was created by everyone together. Different teams competed against each other and the winners were honoured not only for their speed but also for their creativity. :)

The whole thing was a pleasure for young and old with café and cake, waffles, chips and curry sausage.

There were factory tours, face painting for children, water experiments (green hydrogen and filter techniques), a photo box and the relatives were allowed to take a seat in mum or dad's office chair for a change. Happy faces could be seen all over the Herco site.



In the evening, a festive atmosphere arose in a nearby barn. The surprise of the evening was an extraordinarily successful sand show, which told the historical Herco story in pictures.

Our managing director Edwin Locker and his 5-year-old son then took the stage for a speech, which once again made it devoutly clear to everyone why we have come together here today. Namely to honour this unbelievable number of 75 years of company history, which filled us all with great pride. After the owner of PWG, Sophie Pollet, read her speech in German words, it was clear that Herco is a strong brand, which has proven itself on the international market as "Made in Germany".

Afterwards, there was eating, talking, exchanging ideas and dancing. And everyone went home satisfied.

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Watch our Herco Story as a sandshow:


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