Our production will be CO2 neutral by 2025

Sustainability starts with durable products

For 75 years, we have used our engineering and experience to develop durable water treatment systems. Herco has a chemical-free DNA. Reverse osmosis is our core product as a chemical-free process for water treatment using membrane technology. We are deeply rooted in Baden-Württemberg. We have always been economical in our use of resources, if only for our own sake. Resources have become increasingly scarce in recent years. Water is one of the central factors in our world.

After many years of declarations of intent to preserve our livelihoods and limit global warming, the world must change in the coming years. To give an example in energy supply: The German government has adopted the National Hydrogen Strategy in 2020 and is going to significantly expand electrolysis capacity in the next decade for this purpose. At Herco we are welcoming this development very much. For us once again it means: setting out into a new era.

Edwin Locker, Sustainability Manager and CEO Herco Wassertechnik GmbH

We are the first German manufacturer of water treatment units to be EMAS certified.

  • In 2022, we established an ambitious environmental management system according to ISO 14001 in the development and manufacture of water treatment units.

  • Sustainable products are a top priority at Herco and are anchored in the environmental goals of the company and the entire process chain

  • We produce technology for water treatment units with the lowest possible water and electricity consumption, e.g. through the standard use of energy-efficient high-pressure pumps with FU technology
  • We record our environmental key figures according to EMAS for the continuous improvement of energy efficiency, reduction of water consumption and reduction of waste

  • Sustainability starts with our employees: We invest in environmental education for the sustainable use of environmental resources in the manufacturing process and use their knowledge in the development of our products

From symbolic tree planting to climate-neutral company in 3 years.

We will do everything we can to CO2 neutral until 2025.

We can only achieve CO2 neutrality by continuously improving all our processes. To this end, we have anchored the following goals in our environmental programme:

  • for heat generation in the company we replace a boiler with photovoltaic and a heat pump,
  • in planning, development and production, we are designing even better, more efficient water treatment units while keeping the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in mind,
  • we are consistently converting our vehicle fleet to electric or hybrid drive.

The biggest challenge for us is the conversion of the energy mix from fossil fuels to renewable energies. In this context, we continuously record a key figure "energy consumption in relation to turnover". In addition, there are additional environmental goals that we will implement including the rapid implementation of biodiversity measures at the Freiberg on the Neckar site by 2024.

We are already making a contribution to the implementation of the SDGs and want to increase this. Thereby a major lever is our central role in the provision of clean water for the production of green hydrogen.

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