We have been pioneers in water treatment since 1947

CO2 neutral from 2025
for the next generation

We plan and design reliable water treatment units. Our ambition is to develop ever more economical and reliable processes and technologies. The focus is on membrane technology, i.e. the construction of reverse osmosis and ultrapure water units. In addition, we are also producing classic units for applications such as softening, filtration, dosing and storage.

“Water is a finite and precious resource. Acting in accordance with environmental protection measures is of central importance to us and an integral part of corporate governance. We are already thinking about tomorrow's generation today.”

Edwin Locker, Managing Director

Our services
All about water treatment

With a high level of technical expertise, flexibility and constant commitment, we are at your service from early in the morning until late at night.

Our vision

To help shape the future of our blue planet

sustainability is our motivation

water technology is our passion

and partnership forms the basis of how we act.

Our mission
Pure water


With innovative, digital and sustainable water treatment units and services, we offer “Made in Germany” solutions to provide our partners with their most important raw material day after day: pure water.

Our products are used in medical technology, make numerous industrial processes possible and provide the basis for pharmaceuticals as well as food and beverage, thus safeguarding our very way of life.

Effective in-house production and customer-oriented engineering make us the best solution provider for your individual challenges in the field of water technology.

We take great care in developing standard products as well as series or customised project units made especially for you.

Seeking visionary new talents!

Inventive “Made in Germany” spirit
For the last 75 years

Reverse osmosis units
We are specialists

Our main area of focus is on membrane technology, i.e. the construction of reverse osmosis units. For about 40 years, we have also been offering reverse osmosis units for water treatment in haemodialysis, in the field of dialysis centres and for hospitals.

Made in Germany
Quality is a promise

We plan, design and produce on site in Freiberg am Neckar and export all over the world. We are an experienced and successful supplier of water treatment technology in the industrial, life science and medical sectors.

Courageously into a sustainable future
Our ESG-Report

We can only shape the future if we leave the beaten tracks and think in new ways. For Herco, this courage is part of our corporate culture. Our ESG report illustrates how we have embedded sustainability in the company in the past, what we are doing today and what we want to achieve in the future.

In use worldwide since 1947
A brief project overview

Reverse osmosis unit UO-D 16000 AS / MEG 2500
Product water for a district heating circuit in Switzerland

RO unit UO-S7 25000 AS incl. pre-treatment
PLC-controlled reverse osmosis unit for an automotive plant in Vietnam

Ultrafiltration unit UF 4D6
Filtration with PLC for a cosmetics producer in Belgium

Pollet Water Group
Our parent company

We are part of the Pollet Water Group. Its mission is to improve quality of life through a network of specialised water treatment companies.


Our partnerships

Pollet Water Group

We have been part of the Pollet Water Group (PWG) since 2006. PWG is part of the Pollet Group, a family-owned company operating in various sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. PWG consists of a total of more than 20 companies that are active in the water treatment sector.

Alamo Water Poland
Aqualine ME - Regional Office
Aquina Wassertechnik GmbH
Euraqua Europe
Kennet Water Ltd
PWG Angola
PWG France
PWG Ireland
PWG Italia
PWG Portugal
UVO3 Ltd
Wycombe Water Limited

Pollet Medical Group

We have been in the medical field for 40 years and have been part of the Pollet Medical Group for 8 years. The Pollet Medical Group is part of the Pollet Group. The Pollet Medical Group consists of 6 specialised medical companies. Through Herco, the Pollet Group has increased its familiarity with the medical sector, because reliable ultrapure water is the key to good dialysis treatment.

Extracorporeal treatment
Hemotech Belux BV

Sterile goods processing

Our B2B partners

Herco has been in the market for 75 years. We now have over 100 partners from the fields of industry, life science and medicine. Herco, thanks to its many service partners and intermediaries, stands for excellent quality and a long product life. Our partners offer Herco units and distribute them across Germany, Europe and worldwide. You can see a small selection of our partners here.

Ecolab Inc.
Schweitzer-Chemie GmbH
SIWAtec Wassertechnik GmbH & Co. KG
TS Wassertechnik Tempel & Scholz GmbH
... and many more

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
... and many more

Pharmatec (Libanon)
Southland Filtration (Australien)
WaterPro (Neuseeland)
... and many more

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